An Eclectic, Monochromatic Apartment in Rouen, France by Dmitry Grinevich

By | March 18, 2019

Dmitry Grinevich designed this 4-room apartment for a family in the city of Rouen, France. Spanning 230-square-meters, the apartment is located in a historic building which is reflected in the original stucco moldings that were saved. The interior features classic design elements combined with modern furnishings resulting in an eclectic, monochromatic design that’s dotted with warm woods and… Read More »

The Geometric Stick Screen Born From a Collaboration Between Two Thai Companies

By | March 18, 2019

03.18.19 Designer Apiwat Chitapanya recently collaborated with two Thai companies, Deesawat and Masaya, on the Stick Screen to present during Milan Design Week 2019. Stick joins two different materials to create a decorative screen with a geometric pattern. Organically-shaped brass bases, which mimics the mountains in the northern part of Thailand, hold the teak screens, which were inspired… Read More »

100 Plastic Bags Are Recycled Into One of These Beautiful Wireless Speakers

By | March 18, 2019

With China recently announcing their disinterest in continuing playing the role of recycling receptacle for the West, discarded plastics are fast becoming a looming issue for economies and industries built around the convenience of single use, disposable materials. Brighton-based design studio Gomi proposes a small, but beautiful solution for what to do with discarded plastics, turning waste into want.… Read More »

Børge Mogensen’s Contour Chair from 1949 Is Added to Carl Hansen & Son’s Collection

By | March 18, 2019

Carl Hansen & Son is bringing back an iconic chair designed in 1949 by Danish designer Børge Mogensen. The Contour Chair was originally presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition showcasing a new style from Mogensen, who had previously approached design from a simple and functional manner. The new design represented a sculptural approach with its bold,… Read More »

Wanderwall Brightens Up Charlotte’s Skyline

By | March 15, 2019

If you’re traveling to or through Charlotte, North Carolina any time soon we have a stop to add to your list – Wanderwall. Designed by THEVERYMANY, a Brooklyn-based art and architecture studio, the eight-story public installation features ecological, social, and economic activity in a pattern of swirling activity using the company’s ultra-thin, self-supporting aluminum structures that are hung… Read More »