4 Mind-blowing Futuristic Architectural Designs

By | December 8, 2014

What does the future hold for us? When you think about the years to come, like all people, you likely envision incredible structures with smooth, flowing exteriors. The fantastic built environments that are showcased in futuristic sc-fi movies may not be that far off. We’re in the midst of the technological age where advancements come at the speed of light; architecture is no different

In many ways, architectural design evolves over time; not only to be more practical, but to meet the artistic needs of society as well. This continuous progression of design will undoubtedly lead to new, groundbreaking structures that were once thought to be impossible to construct. Structures have become more than four walls and a ceiling, but are quickly becoming pieces of art.

In fact, the Huffington Post, recently published an article that suggests that the incredible feats of architectural genius that we assume only exist in our imagination, are actually much closer to reality than we might think.

Current projects are already underway that answer the imagined needs of future generations. From a tower that rotates to a concert hall made of air, we’ve got it all. Below we will be showcasing the hottest future trends architectural design that you will have to see to believe.

Flowing Bridges

At the forefront of this futuristic movement is NEXT Architects, a team of experienced and innovative architects from the Netherlands that are world renowned for their artistic views on architecture.

NEXT has recently been awarded first prize in an international competition to design a pedestrian bridge for Meixi Lake in Changsha, China.

flowing bridges china

The foot bridge will be much more than just a passageway from one side of the river to the next, but will also serve as a key location for further expansion of a lake district within the Dragon King Harbor River development.

Why craft a boring, eye sore of a typical suspension bridge when you can skillfully craft a pedestrian foot bridge that contains three individual swirling lanes that undulate over the pristine landscape of Changsha?

flowing bridges - china

Construction has already begun on this mammoth bridge and is expected to integrate into the 150 meter-long, 24 meter-high elevated parkway.

Elevated Parks

After a 7 month competition, the company, OLMA + OLIN was recently chosen to construct the 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington DC that will feature an elevated civic area that overlooks the Anacostia River.

elevated parks

The construction of this park serves to connect two disparate city districts and re-connect residents with the riverfront by adding advanced recreational areas that include a café, a segment for water sports, and performance spaces. Construction has yet to begin, but this will undoubtedly be an important piece for the city’s future.

The Rotating Skyscraper

From the minds of Dynamic Architecture comes a monumental, 80 story tall residential skyscraper that overlooks the picturesque skyline of Dubai. There have been taller buildings erect for the better part of a century, so what makes this design so futuristic?

The entire structure rotates…

No, we’re not kidding. The massive skyscraper will complete one full 360 degree revolution every 90 minutes, to make it the very first of its kind. Residents won’t be clamoring over whether or not they receive an Eastern facing apartment because every apartment will face all four cardinal directions several times throughout the day.

Don’t believe us? Check this video out for yourself.

Not only does the structure rotate, but it will also come equipped with wind turbines to supply the apartments with a continuous stream of clean energy. Though construction was supposed to have begun in 2010, delays have hindered the process, so there is no telling when this architectural masterpiece will actually come to fruition.

The Inflatable Concert Hall

From the outside, it looks reminiscent to a giant purple jelly bean, but entitled Ark Nova, this plushy balloon like monstrosity is actually the world’s first inflatable concert hall.

The Inflatable Concert Hall

Anish Cooper, an iconic British sculptor, and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki collaborated to carefully craft this enormous purple magnum opus.

The purpose of such an undertaking is to create a performance hall that is portable, so that it can be inflated throughout areas of Japan and Western Asia that were dramatically impacted by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated these areas in 2011.

The Future is Here

The incredible innovations that were previously figments of our imagination are quickly becoming a reality. No longer do we have to turn to movies to catch a glimpse such sleek and notable designs.

Technological advancements are allowing these creations spring up and come to life sooner than most would think. Now that we know what’s possible, we may wonder; what else does the future hold?