5-year-old autist artist

By | September 29, 2014

Autism is not a disease, but rather a special type of world’s perception, a view from a different reality. The 5-year-old Iris Grace from the UK is a perfect example of what an unexpected and valuable gifts can be found in the “people themselves.” Iris is a young and talanted autist artist and her work is often compared to paintings by Claude Monet. And all thanks to the exceptional attention to detail and a phenomenal sense of color.

Girl’s talant showed mostly accidentaly: Iris learned to speak very slowly and a speech therapist advised the parents to teach Iris painting. But there was no need in teaching her. Iris held a brush and mixed colors as if she were a real artist.

She is actually a very talented autist artist with an incredible ability to focus on the process – Iris can draw two hours non-stop. Her autism has created a style of painting that has never been met in children of her age. She feels the colors, the composition and the way they interact with each other.

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