A Vespa And A Segway Combined To Create Vespa Segways

By | October 1, 2014

If you’re hesitant on riding Segways because of how it looks, this might change your mind. Spanish design firm Bel & Bel has given a cool upgrade to the not-so-cool-looking Segway by merging it with the iconic Vespa scooter, turning it into a Vespa Segway.

Named Zero Scooter, this unique and creative electric vehicle is made with real actual parts from Vespa scooters and has a top speed of 12.4mph (20kmp) and can carry 180kg. Bel & Bel claims that it is the only scooter able to climb slopes up to 30° and can turn 360° on the spot thanks to its two independent motors.

The Zero Scooter is available for purchase through Maxihobby.




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