Amazing Portraits Of Famous Writers Created Using A Typewriter

By | September 29, 2014

Majority consider the typewriter as an obsolete technology ever since the creation and rise of the personal computers; only a small percentage of people actually still use them and majority of people today haven’t even experienced using one.

Brazilian artist and graphic designer Alvaro Franca brings obsolete technology back to life by creating amazing portraits of famous writers using his old typewriter for his ongoing experimental art project simply titled “Typewritten Portraits”.

He has created five portraits so far with plans on doubling it before the year ends. Each portrait is composed of only letters and symbols available on the typewriter; this meticulous task results to amazing grayscale portraits of literary writers, from J.D. Salinger, to Jack Kerouac.


Clarice Lespector

Portrait of Clarice Lispector

Portrait of Charles H. Bukowski

Portrait of J.D. Salinger

Jack kerouac


Portrait of Jack Kerouac

Jose Saramago


Portrait of Jose Saramago