Anchor cheddar cheese packaging design

By | September 19, 2014

U.K based design agency Elmwood revealed their work on Anchor cheddar cheese packaging design.

anchor cheddar cheese packaging design

Available in supermarkets nationwide since February this year, Anchor cheddar cheese is a well known brand. The brand values of Anchor stand for fresh, home-made taste. Their tag-line ‘Tastes like home’ conveys the same motto. In a crowded product range, Anchor stands out for it’s solid reputation and simple, identifiable branding. Elmwood further fine-tuned their presence.

The logo – Anchor conveys the solidity and the deep-rooted tradition. While recognizable, it also is a sign of quality the brand stands for. The key visual effects were added for flavors. Anchor’s lighter version was given an aqua blue color – which conveys fresh, breezy taste. The mature cheddar gets the color red as a deeper tone. And the extra mature is a strong violet – further indicating richness of taste. Both sliced and grated varieties get the same colors. The colors are opulent enough to convey rich, full flavor, a mark of quality and effort going into cheese-making.

The colors also make it easier to spot in supermarket shelves.

To stay true to the quality of cheese and their traditional value, Elmwood had several meetings with Kate Richards, Senior Brand Manager at Arla Foods. She paid rich compliments stating Anchor did a fine job of making their brand image stand out. Andrew Lawrence, Creative Director at Elmwood paid back the compliments terming the latest experience of working with Anchor as ‘rewarding’. The carefully crafted Anchor cheddar cheese packaging design has pleased both designers and owners with the end result.

The heart shaped crest around the main logo stands for quality and excellence. Yet, a lovingly done woodcut style could appeal to users. The designed rewards further inspection with fun, tongue in cheek cheese references such as crackers and cutlery, cleverly hidden within the swirls and ribbons. It is a beautiful reference to how slowly the taste matures with time.

anchor cheddar cheese packaging design anchor cheddar cheese packaging design anchor cheddar cheese packaging design