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A Prefab Weekend House in Morelos, Mexico

By | February 8, 2018

With only a short amount of time for construction on-site, SOA Soler Orozco Arquitectos took a different route with this weekend house in Morelos, México. Casa Molina is a prefabricated structure built off-site and transported to the plot of land by a freight truck. The structure was completed in the workshop, along with light roofing, electrical, partial plumbing,… Read More »

Getaway: Tiny Houses in the Woods You Can Rent

By | January 28, 2017

The tiny house movement continues to grow as people attempt to downsize their lives and add a bit more freedom back by avoiding high cost mortgages and lots of material possessions. Maybe jumping on the tiny house train is a little scary for you without having tried it out but Getaway is aiming to change that. The venture-backed… Read More »

Kooyongkoot Road Residence by B.E Architecture

By | January 27, 2017

Kooyongkoot Road Residence is a minimal home located in Hawthorn, Australia, designed by B.E Architecture. The three-story house features a compact design situated on a smaller site with two north-facing courtyards. Planted gardens along the outdoor terraces create privacy from neighboring properties. The gardens also intersect with the building to create verdant views from all the internal spaces… Read More »

Dad Spends 18 Months Transforming Daughter’s Bedroom Into Fairytale Treehouse

By | January 29, 2016

Every girl wants a fairy tree in her bedroom, so 2016 super-dad candidate and Reddit user radamshome decided to oblige. He spent 350 hours over 18 months to build this magical 4,250 USD project. The concrete and rebar tree is so strong, that it can support up to three adults. Radamshome is an “artist in the video game… Read More »

French Street Artist Transforms Boring Buildings Around The World Into Works Of Art

By | January 18, 2016

  French street artist Julien Malland, otherwise known as Seth Globepainter, creates colorful street art all around the world. His large scale murals most frequently depict children and are bursting with colors. Malland often collaborates with local artists, so his work tends to be contextual. The Paris-born artist has been active since the ’90s. He released two books… Read More »