Bib Tucker Classic whisky package design

By | September 26, 2014

Bib Tucker Classic whisky package design is done by Studio 32 North in collaboration with Filson Lined Goatskin Gloves.

As America freed herself from the clutches of colonial British, the days were still rough. The money wasn’t plenty and people had to work hard for their jobs. In those days of sweat and toil, the “bib and tucker” was saved for your wedding or special dance. The finest attire you owned, the best in the class. It was meant to show off your wardrobe.

The bourbon whisky “Bib and Tucker” imbibes similar effect among your drinks. Crafted with a dedication which spells “classic”, you know this is a special drink. Delightfully smooth notes of chestnut tell you Bib and Tucker is among the finest.

The bottle is designed to show you the rich hue of amber brown which can come only from the best bourbons. The name is embossed in glass like the mid 17th or 18th century cut glass. The dark brown hemp threading, the circular bobbin label, and the ornate hand-written style font will hark you back to the era of refined taste.

Bib and tucker- always a fine time to drink this.

Bib Tucker Classic whisky package design