Creative Japanese beer package design

By | November 11, 2014

Creative Japanese beer package design from Kota Kobayashi takes a simple, touching local legend and turns it into an artistic minimalism of beer package design.

Too often the packages of alcoholic beverages, especially those aimed at younger and less-discerning beer consumers are extremely cluttered. Not only does the packaging furnish too much information about what makes it better than the competing brands, they conveniently forget to showcase what makes them different. Too often, that also comes from a mentality to cash in, since there is seldom something which makes their taste distinctive. Keen to fit in, competing brands crowd the product space in supermarkets.

However, this Japanese beer brand “One Pine Tree” has a poignant story to back up its concept design. Based off the coastal city of Rikuzentakata,  where only “one pine tree” survived the destructive Tsunami – the brand image is a reminder of hope, rectitude and charity. Not only does the smooth taste of the beer stand out, the package design ensures that the feeling it gives is one of hope and looks towards a brighter future for Japan. The clean angles in the design and bold type face ensures that the focus remains on the product itself.

It speaks about building your moments back again, for there’s always something to stand for. One Pine Tree stands for that unique taste.

Creative Japanese beer package design Creative Japanese beer package design Creative Japanese beer package design