Creative Villa Design for Atlantis Resort Dubai

By | April 30, 2015

Bringing to its customers the ultimate Buddhist style, the much appreciated Atlantis Villa is the gem of Dubai, UAE. The location of the industrial hub of the entire globe obviously adds a huge advantage to the tourist attraction.

The Villa has been designed by the master designers in none other than the Zen style. With curved roofs seen typically in China, and a particular proclivity for structures of wood, the villa is an exquisite site. The windows are cusped and doors are paneled; curtains of horizontal wood bars fall over them. The Villa opens up to a sparkling swimming pool, while the furniture. The furniture is heavily carved and stylish, and the floor has the color of the earth to give it the traditional Buddhist touch.

Dubai has many attractions to present and many reasons to attract customers. Atlantis Villa may very well be one of them.



Mohammad Jabre – Interior Architect