Cut and Fold: Papercraft-inspired Modern Furniture

By | September 19, 2014

Not all of us are blessed with spacious houses or apartments, which makes buying good furniture a hassle; considering if it would even fit in our place or not. Worry no more, a new Kickstarter project called Cut and Fold has solved our issues.

Designed and created by Toronto-based architects Andrea Kordos and Tony Round, Cut and Fold features unique papercraft-insprired furniture based on folded plywood. They’ve created a practical flip-up shelf with optional light as well as a modern lounge chair.

Cut and Fold

The Flip Shelf is part sculptural, part functional and all playful! It saves space while folded against the wall and when raised, can be a side table for a lounge chair, a night stand for your bed or parcel shelf at your door. The optional LED light is great for reading and when folded, it creates a soft, in-direct mood light.

the flip shelf


the flip shelf 2

The second option, my personal favourite, is The Origami Chair. Inspired by papercraft, it’s designed to be simple, modern and beautiful. It’s nest-like shape is generous for people of all shapes and sizes and is and very ergonomic. The thin baltic birch shell keeps it efficient and minimal while the facets of the shell are connected with piano hinges which gives the chair some flexibility for added comfort. The thin shell sits on top of an elegantly folded steel frame. The finish is optional in either natural walnut veneer or 3 bright, solid-colour laminates.

The Origami Chair

The Origami Chair

Origami Chair

Guaranteed to save you space and already surpassing their Kickstarter goal, you can check out more information about their project here.