Cute Portraits Of Birds With Personality

By | September 22, 2014

These cute portraits put focus on Australia’s birds which are amazingly captured to give them personality.

Photographed by Leila Jeffreys, who was taught as a child by her father to rescue and nurse birds back to health, she also lived a very interesting life. She spent life living wonderful adventures with her family, from living in a house boat in Kashmir despite the war, in Papua New Guinea where they took care of an orphaned possum, to living in a small village in India where they were surrounded by monkeys, mongoose and buffaloes. She now currently resides in Sydney, Australia with her family.

Her series of photographs introduces its viewers to a variety of birds with character and informative backgrounds. From Ash, A grey falcon that was injured, to Pepper, a cute southern boobook owl who continues to return to where she was rescued and rehabilitated every time she was released.

Truly stunning and interesting, her works are a celebration of the wonders of the natural world and an advocacy to preserve it.

You may view more of her works and read about each bird’s background here.

"Bob", Long-Billed Corella

“Bob”, Long-Billed Corella

"Fenrick", Black Kite

“Fenrick”, Black Kite

"Jarra", Cockatiel

“Jarra”, Cockatiel

"Jimmy", Burgerigar

“Jimmy”, Burgerigar

"Matilda", Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

“Matilda”, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

"Mulga", Black Breasted Buzzard

“Mulga”, Black Breasted Buzzard

"Oscar", Eclectus Parrot

“Oscar”, Eclectus Parrot

"Pepper", Souther Boobook Owl

“Pepper”, Souther Boobook Owl

"Queenie", Galah

“Queenie”, Galah

"Seisa", Palm Cockatoo

“Seisa”, Palm Cockatoo

"Tani", Masked Owl

“Tani”, Masked Owl

"Trinity", Brown Goshawk

“Trinity”, Brown Goshawk

"Vincent", Budgerigar

“Vincent”, Budgerigar

"Wembley", Tawny Frogmouth

“Wembley”, Tawny Frogmouth

"Yule", Barking Owl

“Yule”, Barking Owl