Gulp milkshake brand redesign

By | May 4, 2015

Gulp milkshake brand redesign was aimed at consumers who would notice their favorite ready-to-drink milkshake in a crowded market space.

And those who didn’t hitherto know, would instantly get hooked to interesting brand label, colorful product marketing and imagery. In short, this was making ‘Gulp’ not just a brand name, but an attitude.

Gulp milkshake brand redesign Gulp milkshake brand redesign-1

The design accentuates the enjoyment factor of the milkshakes, highlighting that they need a sturdy shake to be enjoyed to the max. Gulp’s sunny disposition is further given a pleasant ruffle with the labeling and typography. The stripes running through the design bring to life the stages at which you should enjoy the drink to full effect.

Popular flavors include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and banana.

Design was handled by Wieden + Kennedy London, United Kingdom.