Ikratkaya Premium Caviar concept design

By | September 16, 2014

Джекил и Хайд design agency of St.Petersburg, Russia creates a classy, sophisticated packaging for premium red caviar brand Ikratkaya.

Caviar invokes an image of classical Russian aristocracy, with a flavor and price to appeal to elite consumers. The brand logo is concept design with the letter «Й», the “short i” which is the first letter of the name “i kratkaya”, resembling closely the Russian word for caviar, “ikra”.

The packaging steers clear of typical rounded cans, metal or glass as a material or any use of fish or sturgeon, instead relying on the minimalism of white background and a distinctive logo in bold type. The idea  of Ikratkaya Premium Caviar concept design was to ensure it could serve as a dinner table decoration as well, adding a touch of luxury to your premium food experience.

Ikratkaya-caviar-russia-premium-package-1 Ikratkaya-caviar-salmon-premium Ikratkaya-caviar-salmon-premium-2 Ikratkaya-red-caviar-premium Ikratkaya-red-caviar-premium-2