Innovative package designs from around the world!

By | September 17, 2014

Look at some of the most innovative package designs from around the world. Bags, bottles, matchboxes, puree pouches or just a tea-bag – these innovative package designs combine the best of artistic brilliance and functional efficacy.

  1. “City Harvest” Grocery Bag (Designer: Andy Winner and One Show Merit ) city harvest grocery bag creative package design city harvest grocery bag creative package design
  2. Tea Hangers (Designer: Soon mo Kang )
    hanger-tea-innovative-beverage-packaging-1 hanger tea innovative beverage packaging
  3. Honey Made By Bees (Designer: Maksi Marbuzov ) honey-made-by-bees-innovative-bottle-design-1 honey-made-by-bees-innovative-bottle-design-2
  4. Juicy Juice Cartons (Designer: Preston Grubbs ) juicy-juice-creative-carton-design-1 juicy-juice-creative-carton-design-2
  5. Kiss: Fruit and vegetable puree (Designer: Alexandra Istratova ) kiss-fruit-and-vegetable-puree-creative-package-design kiss-fruit-and-vegetable-puree-creative-package-design-2 kiss-fruit-and-vegetable-puree-creative-package-design-3
  6. Kokeshi Matchsticks (Designer: ) kokeshi-matchsticks-innovative-design-1 kokeshi-matchsticks-innovative-design-2 kokeshi-matchsticks-innovative-design-3
  7. Moustache Paintbrushes (Designer: Simon Laliberté ) moustache-paintbrushes-creative-package-design-1 moustache-paintbrushes-creative-package-design-2
  8. Note Headphones (Designer: Corinne Pant )
    note-headphones-creative-package-design-1 note-headphones-creative-package-design-2
  9. NYC Spaghetti (Designer: Alex Creamer ) nyc-spaghetti-artistic-packaging-design
  10. Origami Beer (Designer: Clara Lindsten )
  11. Whitebite Dog Snacks (Designer: Cecilia Uhr ) whitebites-dog-snacks-clever-package-design
  12. Zen Perfume (Designer: Igor Mitin ) zen-perfume-beautiful-package-design-1 zen-perfume-beautiful-package-design-2