Low Poly Star Wars Portraits

By | September 17, 2014

It is highly evident that majority of people have seen or heard of the movie Star Wars, it is indeed hard coded in pop culture and fan art commemorating the movie are always on the rise, especially with the latest episode in the saga showing soon.

Paris-based graphic and web designer Vladan Filipovic really knows how to stand out when it comes to producing technical fan art. His latest project simply titled “Low Poly Star Wars” portraits famous Star Wars characters with quotes heard from the character themselves in the movies.

For those unaware, Low Poly was a technique originally used for making 3D models and scenes for videogames. It is a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics that has a relatively small number of polygons.

According to Vladan Filipovic, each character portrait took an entire day to produce with layers amounting to over three thousand. Low poly technique demands patience and precision, and after seeing his works, it really shows how patient he was in producing these.