Most deadly flowers in the world

By | November 17, 2015

Most deadly flowers in the world is a list of exotic, beautiful flowers which could seriously harm you if you get too close. Unlike the nettles which sting you or the poisoned mushrooms, these are flowers which can attack anything from your heart, to vision to nervous system and leave you seriously impaired. Be warned!

Stunning purple visage and vibrant look notwithstanding, the Aconitum, commonly known as monkshood is one of the most poisonous flowers known to man! Armed with large quantities of pseudaconitine, a toxin which can cause cardiac hypertension, asphyxia and numbness even on touching – it is absolutely fatal if ingested. Nicknamed the “blue rocket” or “devil’s helmet”, it is indigenous to western Europe.

Most deadly flowers in the world -Monkshood

What is it with purples and violets? The Foxgloves (or Digitalis) are gorgeous to look at with their elegant patterns. But read up a list of what they cause to pets and humans and you’ll know to stay away. From delirium to cardiac arrythmia to nausea and collapse, it can cause it all!

Most deadly flowers in the world -Foxgloves

Don’t be fooled by the pristine white color, beautiful droopy bell-shaped flowers and the bright red berries – the Lily of the Valley, found in Asia and Europe, is anything but ‘pretty’. Known by the scientific name Convallaria majalis, the toxicity prevents the animals from eating the seeds. Every part of the plant is armed with nearly 40 different types of cardiac glycosides. Any part of the plant ingestion can cause dramatic slowing down of heart-rate, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and a slow, painful death.

Most deadly flowers in the world -LilyoftheValley

Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia) is a flowering shrub which has historically been a popular plant to grow. Their delightful, mellow appearance and fragrance has misled many into believing it is ‘safe’. In reality, the flowers are powerful hallucinogens which in sufficient doses can be fatal. Even small intakes can cause temporary amnesia, and complete docility for a significant amount of time.

Most deadly flowers in the world -Angels-Trumpet

Ahh, those beautiful snow-flakes like flowers blooming in a bunch. The White snakeroot (ageratina altissima) might just seem like a perfect Christmas decoration. Except, it has a toxin – tremetol – so poisonous that even drinking milk from an animal which has eaten it, can kill you instantly ( Nancy Hanks, mother of US President Abraham Lincoln met her death in that manner.)

Most deadly flowers in the world -White-snakeroot

Found in entire central and western Europe and most of England, the English Broom are cheerful, yellow flowers with a bloom which look like miniature bananas. But these flowers, also known by their biological name, cytisus scoparius, contain toxins which have neurotoxins to attack your nervous system and depress heart-beats. Definitely not what the minions can handle!

Most deadly flowers in the world -english-broom

Oleander features in many school yards across the United States for their beautiful appearance- which makes it doubly perplexing since this is one of the most poisonous plants known to man. Originally from Portugal, this flower can cause vomiting, diarrhea and nausea even if smoke from burning this plant is ingested. Not cool!

Most deadly flowers in the world -Oleander

Autumn Crocus is an endangered plant specie, popular as a garden plant for its unusual growth cycle(leaves only in spring, which die in summer and flowers blooming only for autumn). Its petite appearance and beautiful colors (somewhat similar to wild garlic) are highly misleading. Colchicine, a fatal toxin without an antidote, can cause immediate cardiac arrest on ingestion. It could also cause gastrointestinal symptoms initially, masking the seriousness of the toxin, before severe convulsions, cardiovascular collapse, multi-organ failure, blood clots in several parts of the body take over. Painful fatalities happen from ascending paralysis and respiratory arrest.

Most deadly flowers in the world -Autumn-crocus