Natural sparkling water concept design

By | November 21, 2014

Natural sparkling water concept design takes a look at French beverage company Les Tropeziennes and their exquisitely branded line of regular and flavored water.

Spanish creative agency Corretje Creative Consulting have had a long-standing relationship with the company, whipping up creative, colorful designs for their brand and packaging for nearly half-a-decade. The beverage won the 2010 Pentawards and there was always the challenge to match up to its previously high standards and then exceeding it.

Not that their earlier packaging was any less amazing

Natural sparkling water concept design

However, a modern refresh in packaging and concept was due as the bottles and general consumer identification was reaching a point of saturation. Sure enough Corretje rebooted the brand logo with a far more ornate, classical logo which invokes the feeling of something from gothic fairy tales. The product itself is all-natural, and their classical roots called for a better representation.

While the color and font remained bold for the flavored waters with visual association of the ingredients, the standard water without flavor remained classy and sophisticated with white body and clear blue fonts. It conveys transparency and minimalism.

Natural sparkling water concept design Natural sparkling water concept design