Printworks London, by Only

By | January 24, 2017

What used to be a London-based print factory with two fully-soundproofed press halls is now Printworks — a 16-acre, 6,000 capacity, licensed venue for the arts, fashion, film, food, theatre, and more. Only were commissioned to create an identity for the venue, one that offered a flexible framework for promoting eclectic events in what was once the largest… Read More »

Benham’s Gin

By | January 24, 2017

Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United States “Sonoma’s West County is known for the sea glass on it’s beaches and the local artists who re-use found materials in their work. We thought Sonoma Dry best defined this distinctive gin made from local ingredients.”

Bathroom Designs Ideas 2017

By | January 24, 2017

It is in this room, each of us begins the morning, preparing for a new day, performing a traditional ritual. It is this location and ends our day, when, after labor feats need to relax, refresh and get ready for bed. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of developing competent, practical, functional, and beautiful bathroom interior. It… Read More »

Contemporary Bathroom Sets: Who Else Is Misleading Us

By | January 24, 2017

  How to Find Contemporary Bathroom Sets Correct rod selection may give the restroom a striking appearance. There’s a lot you can do in order to your bathroom by utilizing ceramic tiles. There are a myriad diverse ways that you’ll be able to design your bathroom. If you prefer a bathroom that’s both efficient and refined, here are… Read More »

Morphogenesis: An Otherworldly Virtual Reality Experience

By | January 23, 2017

Morphogenesis – a  virtual reality art installation touring the globe – presents visitors with an aural and visual experience representing the natural phenomena of emergent forms evolving into self-organized systems. San Francisco artists and Fulbright Scholars Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyanik describe their creation Morphogenesis as “an audiovisual journey through different planes of the digital and physical universe”. Watch and decide for yourself: The word “morphogenesis” is used scientifically… Read More »