How do people imagine ideal themselves in photography

By | October 2, 2014

Photographer Scott Chasserot believes that the concept of beauty including his own is very individual thing. To prove it, he created the photography project Original ideal that appeared at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and photography. At the beginning of the project he took photos of the volunteers in the most natural way: without make-up and unnecessary acessories. Then the photographer took several dozens of retouched photos with various changes, which were subjected to the face shape, color and size of the eyes, the shape of the lips and other physiological characteristics. Retouched photos were shown to the models. Meanwhile the photographer recorded their reactions with a device that reads emotions. The author of the project have chosen pictures that models responded in the most positive way. The very photo is considered to be to an ideal self-image.

Models’ emotions were recorded with the help of a device, that scanned braines and helped to understand the real emotions of people.

Photography can present a person in various roles. Everything depends on a person’s identity and the way he loves himself. The result of those “real-ideal” photos is rather unexpected. May be the problem is that we do not accept our identities as they are?

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