A São Paulo Apartment Inspired by Petroleum Blue

By | January 24, 2017

A São Paulo Apartment Inspired by Petroleum Blue

Diego Revollo renovated this 90 square meter (969 square foot) modern apartment located in a traditional São Paulo, Brazil neighborhood. Designed for the new owner, a single man with an appreciation for art and photography, the concept incorporates the colors of the ocean, the greens and blues, particularly petroleum blue.

The original interior was gutted and reconfigured to be more open and practical. By eliminating one of the bedrooms, the main living area was expanded to become one large space. With a light grey paint covering the walls and ceiling paired with warm honey colored wood floors, the space has a harmonious and cozy feel. The same wood on the floors carries through to vertical surfaces on the back of the kitchen island and some of the cabinets.

The 265 light from FLOS swivels around and becomes the main light over the dining table, acting as a cool alternative to your typical chandelier.

A home office was carved out when the renovations occurred and was painted in rich petroleum blue, having it become a feature instead of an eyesore. An orangey-red colored chair pops against the color.

Another FLOS light, the brass IC Lights T from Michael Anastassiades, sits on the built-in desk.

The bathrooms have the same wooden floors which are mixed with glossy grey hexagon tiles and petroleum blue dressers that were made to look like retro vanities.

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