Manikay Wine bottle design

By | September 16, 2014

Manikay wine borrows its name from the traditional songs of Aboriginal tribes of Australia, imbued with wisdom of their way of life. Their organic lifestyle celebrates the essence of natural rhythms, flora and fauna of the land and people who inhabit it.

Designer Jeff Hester of Cult Partners  took the same concept of visual and musical rhythm to establish the brand identity for the recently released Australian import brand for consumers in United States. The shimmery symmetry of bright yellow and orange dots (Chardonnay and Shiraz bottles, respectively) embody the flowing cadence of rows of vineyard on Barossa valley, Australia.

The result is an abstract, sharp brand image with a decidedly Aboriginal touch – a perfect blend of affluent and unorthodox – much like the taste of the wine itself.

Manikay-wine-bottle-design Manikay-wine-bottle-design-2 Manikay-wine-bottle-design-3 Manikay-wine-bottle-design-4