Seagrams sparkling beverage package design

By | October 13, 2014

Seagrams sparkling beverage package design targets the young, sophisticated users of today with relevant use of colors and packaging treatment.

The young adults of today are tired of overtly sweetened beverages. Seagram’s – a well respected brand of sparkling beverages are well known for their signature line of tonic water, ginger ale and seltzer water – each targeted towards discerning consumers.

The Coca-Cola Company asked American design agency Hatch to refresh their sparkling line, making it more appealing. it started with giving a more contemporary spin to the brand’s crest which hitherto would represent something of a massive program announcement.

A friendly, cleaner visual element provides a graphical association which seems less like a crown jewel, and more like an association. The type is placed above, with a subtle wrap around the beverage can body. Clean, metallic cans with colors to provide visual associations with the flavors also help the consumers identify their favorite drink easily in a crowded supermarket shelf. The sparkling Seltzer water line uses a color band behind bold white fonts to achieve the same.

Seagrams sparkling beverage package design Seagrams sparkling beverage package design