Suds kids shampoo package design

By | June 7, 2015

Suds kids shampoo package design is fun, quirky and colorful enough to appeal to kids, while also being simple enough for them to handle.

The concept design by Cardboard Helicopter Product Design agency, based in Cleveland, USA is suitably colorful with an interesting squid-like shape for the bottles which would immediately fly off the shelf when the kids notice it! The silly, funny shapes also keep the overall bottle design minimal, using only the bright colored plastic packaging to enhance its appeal.

Suds kids shampoo package design

The bumpy texture of the squid’s limbs are fun to run your fingers over, but also double as a slip-resistant surface. In the world of busy designs, too much information and boring colors, Suds bring alive the fun and lovable, silly appeal to kids shampoo bottles.

Clear, big type font and interesting use of colors add to the creative appeal of the product.