Sumelax Protein Powder brand design

By | September 16, 2014


Protein powder brand design was done for SUMELAX, an exclusive range made by AOS Corp. Design consultancy firm Brand BLOSSOM creates the same ‘unique’ feel in their packaging.

The design incorporates bold typography and linear patterns. The vivid colors help isolate each specialty protein powder mix from the other, creating a clear, differentiated graphical identity. Each product serves a different purpose in muscle bulk-up, recovery and energy boost. Vintage design patterns use no metals, conveying lack of cheap gimmicks.

The solid, audacious color strokes in the background convey natural, raw power which a protein powder brand must stand for.
Sumelax-protein-powder-brand-design Sumelax-protein-powder-Energy Sumelax-protein-powder-Fifty Sumelax-protein-powder-gainer Sumelax-protein-powder-glutamine Sumelax-protein-powder-ISP Sumelax-protein-powder-WPH Sumelax-protein-powder-WPH-1 Sumelax-protein-powder-WPI