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Yuppy Cakes Branding and Package design

By | July 15, 2015

Yuppy Cakes Branding and Package design was targeted achieve a classic yet current product, with a dash of fun, while making the brand stand out in a crowded shelf. Based of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the La Golondrina Studio and Bardo Industries, LLC were commissioned to develop a new brand identity for Yuppy and their delicious confectionery and bakery products like cupcakes, cookies and cakes. The… Read More »

Limited Edition Perrier Packaging Inspired By Street Art

By | September 29, 2014

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has announced the official release of its limited edition perrier packaging inspired by street art. Featuring original works by the three leading international contemporary and street artists, JonOne, Kobra and Sasu, these vibrant packaging designs embody a bold and youthful energy that is the core to the spirit of Perrier. Each artist has… Read More »

Colorful and creative confectionery package designs

By | September 24, 2014

The beauty of Colorful and creative confectionery package designs is in the joy they convey. Candies, sweet treats and confectioneries remind us of our childhood days. Days before worrying about sugar and calories. We collected some of the most attractively packaged confectioneries. La Nevateria Confectionery Packaging Designs – bold, bright colors for graphical association by Bisgràfic. The package design has half of… Read More »

Top ten Clever business card designs

By | September 23, 2014

Clever business card designs are the first steps in creating a great first impression. No matter how good your work is, or how long you’ve been in the business, a good business card helps customers remember you. A lot of what you do, how you work and your business relies on Clever business card designs. We selected ten business… Read More »

Creative Bakery items, cake packaging designs

By | September 23, 2014

Every loves some creativity in Bakery items, cake packaging designs!  We take you on a joyride of beautiful package designs for baked goods across the world. Because we all love good cookies, cakes and pastries. Because we always eat with our eyes first! Irish bakery Cloudberry shows their creativity in Bakery and Cake packaging designs with clean, clear-plastic bottles… Read More »