Yousli online muesli brand design

By | September 16, 2014

Yousli online muesli brand design was a project handled by HubGroup creative agency, Australia. Located in Melbourne, the Yousli brand specializes in delivering fresh, whole food muesli directly to your door all across Australia.

The brand tagline ‘Feel good food’ is illustrated in simple, smiling logo aimed at putting a smile on your face while you eat a healthy, tasty breakfast. Whether inside your pantry, or delivered in a box to you – the carton smiles right back at you!

Extra thick, solid cardboard package, ‘sealed fresh’ sticker, foil lining inside the  package and classy plastic lid are all made from 100% recycled material. So you feel the goodness of fresh muesli every time you open the package.

Ease of Use: Tube design is easy to stow in crowded pantry space, and easy to pour into your breakfast bowl. The strong cardboard structure keeps the ingredients fresh and makes it easy to ship. And the plastic lid helps re-usability. The package is sturdy enough to never spill out even during heavy-duty interstate shipping.

Social Media friendly: Simple and conspicuous brand identity makes it easy to follow in social media channels. Yousli was recently part of culinary adventure tours in Europe, receiving massive following and good reviews.

Yousli-fresh-muesli-package-design Yousli-fresh-muesli-package-design-1 Yousli-fresh-muesli-package-design-2