Best touchscreen winter gloves

By | November 20, 2015

Best touchscreen winter gloves compile a list of utility and creativity merged into your essential winter-wear. The gloves look good, keep your hands warm and best of all, allow you to browse your portable media device without having to open them.

These animal themed winter gloves are cheap and come in several varieties of furry, lovable designs – panda, bunny, kittens and teddy bears to name a few. Conductive threads woven into index finger, middle finger and thumb ensure that you can browse your iPad or smartphone easily.

Best touchscreen winter gloves - panda

Timberland Men’s Fleece Soft Shell Glove has the classic look, available in four color combinations (the black and slate is our favorite!) and have special padded points for your thumb and index finger to both browse, or ‘pinch’ the screen to enlarge. The fleece takes care of the cold!

Best touchscreen winter gloves - timberland

We know a lot of our readers are athletes who don’t give up on their running despite the falling mercury. But changing that song on your iPod or iPhone? that’s a different hassle altogether. Not any more with Zensah’s smart running gloves which have shiny reflector tips (so you can be spotted even in dark) and shiny strips running along the length of all the fingers. The 4-way stretch material endures stretch and tension well. To top it, there’s a suede ‘anti-moisture’ tip to wipe off sweat. Neat!

Best touchscreen winter gloves - runner

A mix of wool and nylon allows Echo Design’s Echo touch colorblock gloves to incorporate a dash of zesty color and add fashionable touch to utility accents like the Velcro wrist tab to secure your glove (especially helpful in windy conditions). A leather strip on your palm helps you grip the smartphones or tablets securely.

Best touchscreen winter gloves - echo

Fownes TouchPoint Men’s Leather Gloves are made from soft cashmere lined leather, allowing you to bend your wrist, grip your smartphone or drive without any hassle. The tips are soft enough for smartphone handling, and the elastic wrists keep the wind-chill out.

Best touchscreen winter gloves - leather

With textured surface made of ‘gripping dots’ the Agloves Gripper is a winner in terms of classic gray or black color, ease of use, and costing a mere $20 per pair. Real silver meshed into the glove weaving, ensures conductivity is good, but your hands are kept warm.

Best touchscreen winter gloves - gripper

Made with a blend of copper, spandex, nylon and acrylic – these urban style Glider gloves come in several muted shades of charcoal gray, black, and an artistic honeycomb pattern. The anti-slip grip means your phone stays where it is, and your hands are kept cozy. The best part? only $14.59 a pair.

Best touchscreen winter gloves - glider