Creative Post It Notes Designs

By | November 17, 2015

Creative Post It Notes Designs compiles a list of innovative, beautiful and useful designs for the every-day sticky note, turning it into a notification which you can’t miss!

We kick off the list with the Butterfly sticky notes. Bright, colorful and catchy, these would grab your attention instantly, making it impossible to miss the notification.

Creative Post It Notes Designs Butterfly

These “Clock” post it notes serve the purpose of timing your “to do” list perfectly. Old-school and effective.

Creative Post It Notes Designs Clock

The Switch post-its may look plain, but their utility design makes them perfect for putting them up above the switch boards, making them hard to miss anytime the intended person enters a space. Smart!

Creative Post It Notes Designs switch

Designed in beautiful, realistic pink and print imagery, the Salami sticky-note is a must have for all those who fancy a little charcuterie platter to notify about.

Creative Post It Notes Designs Salami

In this day and age, every-body fancies a ‘social network’ touch. Give your post-its and sticky notes the same vibe with these Social message themed ones, and watch your friends and colleagues respond swiftly

Creative Post It Notes Designs Social

Alright so you’ve tried beautiful, nice, efficient, old-school, even social and theme based but that notoriously lax person at the other end does NOT respond. What do you do? Scare them into responding with these creative, chilling post-it notes which spell “murder“. They know you mean business!

Creative Post It Notes Designs Murder

Cool, and understated, this multi-color woods pack offers shades of green and are shaped like a tree, so your notes can stand alone on different surfaces and still be noticed. Perfect as a keyboard memo

Creative Post It Notes Designs Woods

We round off the list with one of the best utility designs, the “wrist watch” post it. Like a truly handy, carry-around memo, make your note and wrap it around your wrist, the handle of your laptop bag or pretty much any holding surface. The real-estate might be a little low, but there’s value in getting a tag-along note. Do you agree?

Creative Post It Notes Designs wrist watch