Easiest 7-Steps Hair Do!

By | July 5, 2016

Be it for a wedding or even a dinner out, up-do’s look sophisticated and chic. They can, however, be time consuming and complicated and so today I wanted to share a quick and easy braided up-do.


This takes about five to ten minutes and will take you from casual to classy in no time at all…

Step One


Start off by brushing your hair to get rid of the tangles and spray in some texturizing spray. This hairstyle works best on second day hair as it has more grip.

Step Two

Separate the hair into three sections. The one at the back should have more hair in than the two at the front. Then, tie the hair at the back into a low ponytail.


Step Three

Take a bit of hair from both the sections at the side and thread them through the ponytail

Step Four


Pin up the back section of hair, bringing the hair up and tucking it under. Ensure that all the pins are beneath and out of view.

Step Five


Braid both sections of hair at the front. I chose to do two fishtail braids but it will work just as well with any type.

Step Six


Wrap the braids around the pinned up hair and secure in place underneath. Spray with hairspray to hold.

Step Seven


Just place anything from a rose or flower to a hair pin to give your hair that signature look and you are good to go!