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Helvance Swiss Cosmetics Concept design

By | January 9, 2016

Helvance Swiss Cosmetics Concept design was the re-branding of Switzerland based beauty product to create a premium, elite brand identity. Natural skin-care products from the Swiss brand have long been targeted at aware customer base who see value in healthy, sustainable product sourcing. The concept needed to embrace the same values and speak to consumers, standing out among… Read More »

This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Lets You Nap Anywhere

By | January 9, 2016

You’re a successful 21st century citizen of the world, but your regular, naturally sourced hoodie is holding you back. After all, if your hoodie doesn’t have a discreet inflatable pillow hidden in its hood, what good is it? Well, lucky for you, California based Hypnos is giving out tickets to Sleep City, and you’re invited! Designed by Josh… Read More »

Top Ten most unusual Santa hats

By | December 21, 2015

Top Ten most unusual Santa hats are for those who want to stand out this Christmas season. It’s yet again that time of the year, when Santa hats are in fashion and you’d see all manners of red and white fluffy hats at work, on the streets, pretty much anywhere besides. But there’s little joy in being the… Read More »

Best touchscreen winter gloves

By | November 20, 2015

Best touchscreen winter gloves compile a list of utility and creativity merged into your essential winter-wear. The gloves look good, keep your hands warm and best of all, allow you to browse your portable media device without having to open them. These animal themed winter gloves are cheap and come in several varieties of furry, lovable designs – panda, bunny,… Read More »