Hypnotizing Star Trail Photographs

By | October 13, 2014

Seeing these photos at first will make you think that they were computer generated graphics layered over photos, but they are in fact a product of hours of slow-shutter night photography.

Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison has shot a hypnotizing series of night photographs of the star trails across the Australian night sky. Each photograph took over 15 hours to produce and the results are just beautiful.

He is a self-taught photographer who actually just started getting into photography around two years ago to photograph items he wanted to sell on eBay, but his fascination with photography became a passion and his works prove it.

convergence startrail zooming machine


_D8F8942 as Smart Object-2crop2

ad astra

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zoom star explosion

joshua tree national park night sky




Sharpened version

Sutton Grange2

Sutton Grange2zoom



Tunnel trails3