An Illustrared Guide to Dogs From Around The World

By | September 19, 2014

Los-Angeles based artist and animator Lili Chin created her personal project “Dogs of The World” which features almost two hundred canines grouped by geographical location. The informative and colourful, yet highly adorable illustrations provide a fun way for canine enthusiasts to learn more on the origins of different breeds of dogs.

Grouped by countries covering the top geographic origins of the breeds, the individual illustrations of the breeds are just simply charming and very informative as a whole.

You can purchase her grouped and individual prints here. You can also buy framed prints/canvases, tote bags, pillows, mugs and more of her works here.

African Dogs

American Dogs

Asian Dogs

Australian Dogs

Belgian Dogs

Canadian Dogs

Dutch Dogs

Eastern European Dogs

English Dogs

French Dogs

German Dogs

Iberian Dogs

Irish Dogs

Latin American Dogs

Mediterranean Dogs

Middle Eastern Dogs

Nordic Dogs

Russian Dogs

Scottish Dogs

Swiss Dogs

Welsh Dogs