Just F-ing wine cool punk label design

By | October 18, 2014

Just F-ing wine cool punk  label design sets itself apart from the rest of wine bottle package and branding concept by channeling an authentic, cool punk spirit.

If its October, there is no place in the world to trump the celebration of German spirit (puns intended!). But Oktoberfest is not the only place where you can enjoy some good alcoholic beverage from Germany. Located in Düsseldorf, Germany – the Just F-ing good wine label stands out for its ‘in your face’ messaging.

The label is bold and unconventional, using a near-handwritten type. It conveys the labels core values of iconoclastic market standing. There is no place for prim, uptight conventionality associated with wine labels. Despite the regular black bottle, the labeling is chic and adds a zing to the shelf identity. The type of wine and company label find a small mention, but clearly, the text and the authentic punk coolness is the hero.

All other information can be found at the back of the bottle. Who cares for it anyway, when the wine is tasty and you can break some rules. Creative agency Gregoriodesign take the applause!

Just F-ing wine cool punk  label design Just F-ing wine cool punk  label design