Panda Champagne funny bottle design

By | January 5, 2015

Panda Champagne funny bottle design highlights the best and worst of what a light-hearted design can do to a brand image.

First, the good part. Designed by Argentine agency Dizen in pairing with Happy Socks the bottle is clean and minimal to look at. The white background of the body is smartly integrated to play the fur of the Panda, with a simple black motif playing to the brand name with the image of Panda. It is simple, with no over-the-top clever metaphors. The color is sophisticated, yet sufficiently clean. The graphics are fun. And there is no distraction in the front of the bottle.

Panda Champagne funny bottle designPanda Champagne funny bottle design

Now the not-so-good bits. First, the silver seal at the top, though roughly the same color theme as the whites, doesn’t convey the necessary classiness for a champagne. Golden might’ve worked well in contrast. Instead, the silver neither blends, nor contrasts well, sticking out in a bad way. Besides, for a slightly classy drink like champagne, the design looks too cartoon-ish and frivolous. Remains to be seen if the users think quite the same.