Elegant Porcelain Dishes Covered in Ants

By | September 18, 2014

Imagine eating and seeing your elegant porcelain dishes covered in ants.. does’t the idea make you cringe? Luckily, in La Philie’s pieces called “Chitins Glanz”, the ants are just hand painted to look like they are really infested with crawling black ants.

German artist La Philie, also known as Evelyn Bracklow, creatively creates unique and elaborate hand-painted pieces using vintage porcelain that surely invokes fear, disgust, fascination and admiration, which somehow makes these elegant porcelain pieces mesmerizing.

Her balance of well-executed details and bizarre subject matter will surely make your mom squeamish. Her works can be purchased on her Etsy shop.

La Philie 1

La Philie 2

La Philie 3

La Philie 4

La Philie 5

La Philie 6

La Philie 7

La Philie 8