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Unusually creative coffee mug designs

By | November 20, 2015

Unusually creative coffee mug designs highlights a list of coffee mugs which turn your pick-me-up morning cup o’joe moment into something special. With craft, creativity and some smart messaging, they make drinking your coffee a joy to behold. First up, a design which is hard to miss for the purpose. The Coffee Bean Mug perks you up even before… Read More »

Creative Post It Notes Designs

By | November 17, 2015

Creative Post It Notes Designs compiles a list of innovative, beautiful and useful designs for the every-day sticky note, turning it into a notification which you can’t miss! We kick off the list with the Butterfly sticky notes. Bright, colorful and catchy, these would grab your attention instantly, making it impossible to miss the notification. These “Clock” post… Read More »

Best creative tissue dispenser designs

By | November 17, 2015

Best creative tissue dispenser designs outlines some of the most innovative tissue boxes, which make a mundane act seem fun and engaging. At 34 cms tall, and shaped like the Easter Island statues, the Big Maoi Tissue Dispenser is cool and crafty, giving a fresh perspective to the word “stone cold” . At $7.52 they’re fairly affordable as well.… Read More »

Realistic and Surreal Sculptures Made Of Wood

By | December 1, 2014

These aren’t your average wooden sculptures. Paul Kaptein creates realistic and surreal sculptures made of wood that will surely amaze you. Based in Australia, he hand carves wood so brilliantly, it is as if it was moulded with clay. From the mind-bending ”And in the endless sounds there came a pause” which is a seated monk with warped… Read More »

Art Installations Created Using Everyday Things

By | December 1, 2014

There is art everywhere, no matter where you look, it really just depends on how you view it. Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis makes use of everyday things and turns them into creative art installations that purely bursts with imagination. Being an acclaimed award-winning creative, he always makes it a point to do something creative everyday. When he isn’t… Read More »