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Air Aroma scent minimal package design

By | June 15, 2015

Air Aroma scent minimal package design channels the clean, floral scent branding of the Australian company into it’s neat bottles and simple branding. For a range boasting of 38 different aromas in it’s line of essential oils, adding too much information can easily obscure the product in a shelf already crowded with several competitors. Instead the creative agency … Read More »

Yogamood aromatherapy body oils classy packaging

By | June 15, 2015

Yogamood aromatherapy body oils classy packaging aims to put the health and relief concept of Yoga and massage in Scandinavian context. The concept and packaging by Danish design agency Wunsch is suitably classy, targeting the audience who are health conscious and willing to keep an eye out for sophisticated, healthy products. A newly established yoga studio, Yogamood seeks to put the… Read More »

Shoes with crazy heels

By | September 20, 2014

Kobi Levi  manages to combine comfort and unique design. These series of shoes are hand-made limited edition only for designer studio. “I can think of something and there appears a desire to create a new product. I combine the image in my mind with the shoe form and receive a shoe-hybrid. Most of my ideas go beyond the “world’s shoes”. The… Read More »