Warner Edwards Victorias Rhubarb Gin package design

By | September 19, 2014

The story of Warner Edwards Victorias Rhubarb Gin package design is like a royal journey by itself. It is like a folk lore of a fairy tale with queens and kings, and the wonderful journey of knowledge. Yet, it is very real.

UK based creative agency bluemarlin for the newest entrant to Warner Edwards portfolio, Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin. A limited edition artisan gin, this is available only at Fortner & Masons outlets. Launching this September, the brand establishes a clear trail of heritage and history.

The story goes that the rhubarb once grew exclusively in the Royal gardens of Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. With time, the plant found its way to Warner Edwards’ Northamptonshire distillery as a Royal allotment from the President’s official residence in Dublin. Design agency Bluemarlin needed to come up with a design that told the fascinating journey, conveyed the rich history and traditions behind the brand. At the same time, it needed to  convey Warner Edwards’ existing portfolio.

The first thing you notice about the design is the Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postal stamp, featuring the recognizable profile of Queen Victoria as it was first issued in 1840. The design, including a portrait of Her Royal Highness, captures the old-world charm with a monochrome palette. The portrait is surrounded by the leaves of her rhubarb plant in the background giving the essence of the gin.

Look deeper and you also notice the quintessential Warner Edwards logo branded in form of a directional compass , with the initials W and E (for Warner and Edwards) shaped like West to East cardinal directions. It indicates the journey this Rhubarb plant has taken, and the underlying thought that Warner Edwards is a trusted brand across the land.

warner edwards victorias rhubarb gin package design